I arrived in Australia mid-March 2015 with a tourist visa to find a job/sponsorship in Australia or New Zealand. I first download her course online and start working on my resume, cover letter; and started job hunting using many of her tools and tips. Few weeks later, I felt I needed some feedback on the quality of my job applications, so I decided to take her mentoring course. And it was really very helpful. Nadine is a very good professional, and I am quite sure I would not have succeeded without her help. But the best advice she will give you is “Never Give Up”, as convincing an employer to sponsor your work visa will be a long and difficult journey. But at the end, your dream will come true!! Thank you so much Nadine!!
Lovise Hellner
I recently came across Nadine’s course when researching what Australian employers were looking for on a resume. Prior to this I had literally had no call-backs despite what I had thought was an impressive career description (at least by European standards). I chalked it up to a number of reasons least of all the information I had provided… I was so wrong! Well safe to say I had been approaching the job market in completely the wrong way and what's worse, I had already missed out on a number of different positions I would have excelled at! I can only describe Nadine's course as a treasure trove of useful goodies and insights. It's far more in depth than I could have ever imagined. It's clear a lot of time, thought and effort has gone into creating this program. I have not only gained an excellent understanding of what is required on an Australian resume but skills and tools I can apply to the rest of my life if ever faced with this challenge again. The very first CV I sent out after completing the course I got a call back. While the employer was keen to take me on they weren't in a position to provide sponsorship. I know that this course works and it’s only a matter of time until I find the perfect fit.
Frans Muller
I first became aware of Nadine and her expertise following a Google search for information. At that point I realised I could have met her at a migration fair in the UK about 2 weeks previously but hadn't had the chance to go and talk to her. I have purchased Nadine's E-Book collection and have also taken the mentoring course and for me the books and course have been well worth it. I have picked up a lot of hints, tips and procedures that have assisted me in my job hunting in Australia. Nadine has also been quick to answer any questions I have had and she has been an invaluable contact to make in helping to find employment in Australia. I cannot recommend Nadine's experience, advice and expertise enough.
Andy Stoddard
I found the mentoring course offered by Nadine to be very helpful. She is an expert in CV wirting. She has a knack of understanding your skill set and placing you in the right slot that would help one getting noticed and bagging the right opportunity. She perfectly understands the nuances of Australian Job market and is the right person to guide you into getting a perfect fit for your talent. I appreciate her effort and wish her all the best for future.
Shina Vikas Kaul
Nadine has built a strong and deserved reputation as someone with vision, diligence and honour – someone who gets things done! Nadine is highly knowledgeable in her field of business. She is a delight to work with and understands her clients' needs. I am glad to have found her and now I know how to find my dream job in Australia! I enjoyed working with Nadine because she is always there for help. I have no hesitation in recommending Nadine and know that she will always give of her best in any endeavour.
Jazira Tolepova
I bought the "Find Sponsored Job in Australia" online course, in may. It is very interesting and useful because all the manual is very clear to understand, there is a big choice of resumes and cover letters so you can decide which is the most appropriated for your situation and profession, but the most important thing is the complete assistance from Nadine for everything. Now that I am in Australia I am ready to start my research for my sponsored job, with a good LinkedIn profile, excellent resume and cover letter and especially with many contacts that I got in this period during the course. I recommend it at the 100%.
Valentina Cecchi
Nadine is a true professional and knows everything there is to know about Emigration. She was great to work with and very supportive of her students.The interaction and support were second to none. I've used both her cover letter and resume writing services in addition to the mentoring course. Nadine is a true guru in the emigration sphere.
Susan McCarthy
I want to recommend Nadine at all the people that need a real help from a professional in HR. Her online course It 's not just a how to write a good resume, however an opportunity to learn about the psychological approach on the research of the job in Australia, where and how to find a hidden market, the importance of planning your job search and not last she is always present during the course and also after for any questions that I asked. Thank you so much!
Alessandro Corrà
I have had the opportunity of meeting Nadine Myers via LinkedIn years back. I find Nadine as a very professional and humble person to work with. Her knowledge on Australian migration law and other related matters are exemplary. She truly deserves the title “ The Job Strategist”. The online course currently being hosted by Nadine, carries a wealth of information. It is a step by step guide to achieving your dream job in Australia. Actually, the tools and techniques indicated in the course is not only applicable for Australian job market. In general, whomever considering a career advancement will benefit from Nadine’s insights. Specifically in terms of branding and marketing yourself in the most appropriate manner. Besides, Nadine have had some great publications so far. Those can be obtained via Amazon if anyone is interested. Thank you Nadine for being such a wonderful career professional. Good luck with your future endeavors.
Anne Lorraine Edirisinghe