Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia eCourse

Man ready for fun in sunny AustraliaThe purpose of this eCourse is to offer overseas nationals the ability to increase their chance of finding sponsored employment in Australia. Australian immigration are constantly changing their requirements for immigration, making it tougher and tougher for overseas nationals to migrate to Australia. These changes have left no option to many people, but to search for employer sponsorship in Australia and migrate to Australia through this means.

Hi, I’m Nadine Myers, and I will be working with you over a 8-week period to help you get off to the absolute best start possible in your search for sponsored employment in Australia! Nadine Myers

Being a somewhat challenging feat, particularly for those who are applying  from overseas; I have studied, developed and tested several strategies designed for maximising opportunities for finding sponsored jobs in Australia.

This course is based on all of these strategies, plus additional bonus “secret” strategies, that are not available elsewhere. As a consequence of the strategies revealed in this course, together with the job search tools you will also get access to, people are finding sponsored jobs in Australia in increasing numbers.

We hope that you will join these numbers, and become one of our success stories to inspire other people to do the same!

Remember: there is no point having the tools if you do not use them. This eCourse needs to be followed step-by-step; and if you do, I guarantee* that your chance of finding a job in Australia with employer sponsorship will be radically increased.

The eCourse was created because a need was identified for people who were struggling to find sponsored employment in Australia, even after having gone out to Australia and attempting to find sponsorship whilst “on the ground” in Australia. This course will offer support and guidance that is tailored to your individual situation, as well as give you access to me for any questions you have along the way.

This eCourse accepts only limited numbers of participants per month, so that I can offer you a valuable one-on-one mentorship experience throughout the course.


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*Although we guarantee that your chance of finding a job in Australia will be increased by applying the strategies in this eCourse, we cannot control the demands of the Australian job market nor the efforts you apply to your job search, and therefore cannot guarantee that you will find a job in Australia by applying any or all of the strategies in this course.