Find Sponsored Jobs in Australia Course Outline

Module 1 Introduction  
This is Day 1 of the course, and will give you a basic introduction on what to expect, what to look forward to and what you are going to learn.
Unit 1 About This Course
Unit 2 VIDEO: The Challenges of Applying for Jobs in Australia
Module 2 Preparing Your Australian Resume  
This module will step you through the process of creating an effective Australian resume - one that meets Australian standards, and also the expectations of Australian employers. Select the right Australian resume template for you, and work through the steps to complete it. When done, you can submit to Nadine Myers for review and recommendation.
Unit 1 VIDEO: Why taking care to prepare your CV is important
Unit 2 Introduction to Marketing Yourself in Australia
Unit 3 How Important is Your CV in the Job Application Process?
Unit 4 Deciding on the Right CV Template
Unit 5 Selecting Your CV Template
Unit 6 The First Page - Your Key to Success
Unit 7 Personal Information - Less is More
Unit 8 Career Objective / Career Summary - the 'Hook'
Unit 9 Key Skills - the 'Line'
Unit 10 Key Qualifications - the 'Sinker'
Unit 11 Industry Memberships - Show You Mean Business
Unit 12 Employment History / Work Experience
Unit 13 Job Title - Who Are You?
Unit 14 Work Experience Dates
Unit 15 Work Status - Full Time / Part Time / Temporary / Voluntary
Unit 16 Company Information
Unit 17 Responsibilities - Your Actual Experience
Unit 18 What You Can Offer - Your Achievements
Unit 19 Additional Skills
Unit 20 Additional Training
Unit 21 Including Professional Referees - the 'Proof is in the Pudding'
Unit 22 Formatting & Font - 'Simple is as Simple Does'
Unit 23 Approaching Your Sponsorship Requirement
Unit 24 Other Useful Tips - Common CV Mistakes in Australia
Unit 25 Resume Assessment
Module 3 Preparing Your Australian Cover Letter  
This module will step you through the process of writing an effective Australian cover letter, that perfectly compliments your resume. Select a template that matches your resume, then step through the instructions for highlighting all the right skills and experience, including how to approach your employer sponsorship requirement. When finished, submit to Nadine Myers for review and recommendation.
Unit 1 Introduction to Preparing Your Cover Letter
Unit 2 Don't Write an Essay
Unit 3 Tailor Your Cover Letter to Each Job
Unit 4 Addressing Selection Criteria
Unit 5 Government Applicants
Unit 6 Keep a Clear & Concise Layout
Unit 7 Formatting Your Australian Cover Letter
Unit 8 Watch Your Spelling & Grammar
Unit 9 State What You're Looking For
Unit 10 Your Availability
Unit 11 Putting it All Together
Unit 12 Case Studies
Unit 13 Cover Letter Assessment Task
Module 4 Planning Your Job Search  
Now is the exciting part! Planning your job search. This is an important module as it will help you to narrow down what type of job you want to apply for, as well as what region of Australia would be most suitable for you to target. Nadine Myers will be there to guide you if you are having any challenges.
Unit 1 Creating a Powerful Job Search Strategy
Unit 2 Your Ideal Job
Unit 3 Your Ideal Company
Unit 4 Your Future Career Path
Unit 5 Adjusting Marketing Documents
Module 5 Mainstream Job Search Strategies  
This module covers the mainstream job search strategies, or in other words, the strategies that most people use when applying for jobs in Australia. You will learn how to use these strategies to your advantage, so that you can get better results from your job applications!
Unit 1 Introduction to Main Stream Job Search
Unit 2 Job Search Websites
Unit 3 Using Recruitment Agencies
Unit 4 Following Up With Recruitment Agencies
Module 6 The Hidden Job Market  
Learn in this module just what the hidden job market is, so you have a thorough understanding on how it works and how you can use it. Here you will learn why just using mainstream strategies are not enough for you to find success in the Australian job market; and be introduced to the various hidden job market strategies that will be covered in this part of the course.
Unit 1 VIDEO: What is the Hidden Job Market?
Unit 2 VIDEO: VIC Government - "The Key is to Have Multiple Strategies"
Unit 3 The Hidden Job Market Strategies
Module 7 Expanding Your Networks  
This module is quite a big one as it is an important strategy that you can be applying on a daily basis. Here you will learn how to use networking to tap into the hidden job market and to increase your job opportunities using platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Industry Memberships, Forums and offline networking.
Unit 1 Introduction to Expanding Your Networks
Unit 2 VIDEO: Why You Should be Using LinkedIn
Unit 3 LinkedIn Strategy for Job Search
Unit 4 Introduction to LinkedIn
Unit 5 Joining LinkedIn
Unit 6 Selecting the Right Photograph
Unit 7 Fleshing Out Your LinkedIn Profile
Unit 8 Adding Friends & Colleagues
Unit 9 Continuing to Build Your LinkedIn Network
Unit 10 Getting Recommendations
Unit 11 How to be Found on LinkedIn
Unit 12 How to Use LinkedIn Groups
Unit 13 Searching for Jobs on LinkedIn
Unit 14 Additional Tips for LinkedIn
Unit 15 Facebook for Job Search
Unit 16 Online Forums
Unit 17 Offline Networking
Unit 18 Industry Memberships
Module 8 Doing Your Own Research  
This is another very important module of this course, and a strategy that has been applied by many successful job sponsorship seekers. It is simple, and it works! Here we go back to the results of the previous module - Planning Your Job Search; and we use that information and apply it your job search through a very effective strategy.
Unit 1 Doing Your Own Research
Unit 2 Approaching Companies
Unit 3 Following Up With Your Companies
Module 9 Approaching Local Companies  
This is what we call a 'back-up' strategy - one that you can apply as an extra strategy that can help you to find employer sponsorship in Australia through a company transfer. Here you will learn how to best find a suitable company that you can start working for in your own country, with the view to gaining an inter-company transfer to Australia or a sponsored job through the company's Australian office.
Unit 1 Approaching Local Companies
Module 10 Inspirational Videos!  
You've come a long way, so now its time to get inspired with some videos about Australia to fuel that fire and keep you focused!
Unit 1 VIDEOS: Tourism Australia
Module 11 Using a Working Holiday to Find Employer Sponsorship  
This is a very good strategy for those who qualify for a Working Holiday Visa for Australia. Learn how to find out if you qualify, how to apply and how to use this visa to your advantage. If this strategy does not apply to your situation, you can take a much needed day off, or simply move on to the next module.
Unit 1 Why a Working Holiday
Unit 2 Do You Qualify?
Unit 3 Using a Working Holiday to Find Sponsorship
Unit 4 Approaching Employers for Sponsorship
Unit 5 Approaching Recruitment Agencies for Sponsorship
Unit 6 Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Module 12 Find Sponsored Jobs Through Volunteering in Australia  
This is another back-up strategy that can be applied if all else fails - it involves going out to Australia and doing volunteer work in order to expand your skills and experience, gain Australian experience and get your foot in the door with potential sponsoring companies. It is a good strategy to learn, especially if you plan to visit Australia as part of your job search (which will covered in an up-coming module).
Unit 1 Volunteering in Australia
Unit 2 Finding Volunteer Work
Unit 3 Applying Direct to Volunteer Organisations
Unit 4 Following Up on Your Applications
Unit 5 Insurance for Volunteer Work
Unit 6 Updating Your CV
Module 13 Migrating to Australia Through New Zealand  
This is another back-up strategy, and not a bad one either, because New Zealand really is a beautiful country and you may find you love it and want to stay there! This module covers how to find work in New Zealand as a stepping stone to getting into Australia. It is a strategy that many people have used, as the two countries are similar, so getting experience in New Zealand is viewed as just as good as having Australian work experience.
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 VIDEOS: Living and Working in New Zealand
Unit 3 Applying for a Work Permit / Residency
Unit 4 Mainstream Strategy
Unit 5 Hidden Job Market
Module 14 Planning a Trip to Australia  
Do not underestimate this module / strategy. Many people have secured employer sponsorship by applying this strategy; as employers are more willing to consider someone who they can actually meet face-to-face. Even if you cannot see yourself heading out to Australia as part of your job search, I urge you to complete this module fully, as it is something to seriously consider, to increase your chance of finding a sponsor.
Unit 1 Why Go Downunder?
Unit 2 Planning Your Trip
Unit 3 Approaching Employers
Unit 4 Warning About Traveling to Australia
Module 15 The On-Hire Labour Agreement  
This module covers an additional strategy for finding employer sponsorship through organisations who are under the On-Hire Labour Agreement.
Unit 1 The "Secret" Strategy
Module 16 Companies Who Sponsor  
This module gives you access to the database of Australian companies who are more open to sponsoring overseas nationals, because they have offered employer sponsorship in the past 4 years.
Unit 1 About the Databases
Unit 2 Sponsoring Companies
Unit 3 Sponsoring Recruiters
Module 17 Inspiration for Staying Focused  
What is really important about any goal is staying focused and not letting little setbacks to discourage your progress. Here we will look at some techniques to help you remain focused and on track with your goal, go through success stories - real life case studies of people who have found employer sponsorship and how they did it; and put a plan in place for going forward so your efforts this past month are not put to waste.
Unit 1 Congratulations!
Unit 2 Video: Don't Give Up!
Unit 3 Video: Things That Stop People Getting Interviewed
Unit 4 SUCCESS STORY: UK Landscape Gardener Finds Employer Sponsorship in Perth
Unit 5 SUCCESS STORY: UK Chef Finds Employer Sponsorship in Newcastle, NSW
Unit 6 SUCCESS STORY: German Toolmaker Finds Employer Sponsorship in Brisbane
Unit 7 SUCCESS STORY: Canadian Interior Designer Finds Sponsorship in Melbourne
Unit 8 SUCCESS STORY: South African Fitter & Turner Finds Sponsorship in Perth
Unit 9 SUCCESS STORY: Young South African Chef Finds Regional Sponsorship in WA
Unit 10 SUCCESS STORY: Dutch Database Marketing Manager Gets Sponsored in Sydney
Unit 11 SUCCESS STORY: Canadian Sales Professional Finds Sponsorship in Brisbane
Unit 12 Video: Alexandro from Greece Finds Employer Sponsorship in Australia
Unit 13 Weekly Job Search Planner
Unit 14 Final Word
Unit 15 Course Evaluation