Australian Job Search: How to Get Started

Module 1 Introduction  
The purpose of this course and what to expect.
Unit 1 What to Expect
Module 2 Migration Streams  
Learn about the different migration streams and how to go about finding out which migration stream (if any), you qualify for. In this module you will research the different visas available in Australia to find out which you may qualify for, and also learn about the option of using a migration agent to assist you, and how to to find a reputable agent whom you are confident with.
Unit 1 What Visa Do You Qualify For?
Unit 2 Professional Migration Assessments
Unit 3 Doing Your Own Research
Unit 4 Further Visa Research
Unit 5 Expression of Interest / SkillSelect
Unit 6 Employer Sponsorship
Module 3 Marketing for Success  
This module gives you an introduction to preparing your resume/CV and cover letter for Australia, to ensure that you will make the right impression, when you apply for jobs in Australia.
Unit 1 Australian Resume / CV
Unit 2 Australian Cover Letter
Unit 3 Professional Assistance
Module 4 Job Search  
This module is a great introduction to applying for jobs in Australia, including a brief overview of both the mainstream job search stream as well as the hidden job market . This will also help you to plan and prepare your job search for optimum results.
Unit 1 Planning Your Job Search
Unit 2 Your Ideal Job
Unit 3 Your Ideal Company
Unit 4 Your Ideal Career
Unit 5 Adjusting Your CV
Unit 6 Australian Migration & Recruitment Expos
Unit 7 Job Search Websites
Unit 8 Recruitment Agencies
Unit 9 Sponsored Job Listings
Unit 10 The Hidden Job Market
Unit 11 Plan a Trip to Australia
Module 5 Getting Job-Ready  
This module is an important step in preparing yourself for migrating to Australia, particularly if you are aiming for employer sponsorship. The tips in this module will increase your chance of seriously being considered for employer sponsorship in Australia.
Unit 1 What Does 'Getting Job-Ready' Mean?
Unit 2 English Language Skills
Unit 3 Skills Assessment
Unit 4 Employment References
Module 6 Checklists  
Here you will find checklists to help you with your migration and job search planning, whether you are going the PR route, or aiming for employer sponsorship.
Unit 1 Checklists
Module 7 Success Stories  
In this module, you will get to read about three people who were able to migrate to Australia with employer sponsorship - how they did it, and what their top tips are for people who are just getting started. You will find these inspiring and motivating!
Unit 1 The Benefit of Success Stories
Unit 2 Landscape Gardener Finds Sponsorship in Perth
Unit 3 Chef Finds Sponsorship in Newcastle
Unit 4 German Toolmaker Finds Sponsorship in Brisbane
Unit 5 IT/Information Security Professional Receives Multiple Offers in 2 Weeks
Unit 6 More Success Stories
Module 8 Final Word  
Last tips and words of wisdom from Nadine Myers, Australia's Emigration Job Search Strategist.
Unit 1 Final Words
Module 9 Where to Next  
Learn about your next steps, and the options open to you to increase your chance of success in your search for jobs in Australia
Unit 1 Further Reading & Assistance