Australian Job Search: How to Get Started eCourse

Dollarphotoclub_69215151aThis course was developed to help you start on your path to finding a job in Australia – whether you already  have PR or a Working Holiday Visa (WHV), whether you’ve only just decided you’d like to look into migrating to Australia, or whether you need employer sponsorship in order to migrate.

I know how difficult it is for people who dream to live in Australia to make their dream a reality, because not everyone knows just how they can make it happen.


There are definitely some secrets to successfully landing a job in Australia, and we’re going to touch on some of these in this course.


This course will not only help you determine whether you qualify to migrate to Australia, but also prepare you for applying for jobs in Australia, as well as help you to develop a successful job search strategy to ensure that you are doing all you can to secure employment in Australia.

This is a great introductory course to help you on your way, and touches on the following topics:

  • Finding out your visa options
  • Preparing your CV for Australia
  • Writing a compelling cover letter
  • Planning your job search
  • Developing a job search strategy
  • Using job search websites & recruitment agencies
  • Migration expos
  • The hidden job market
  • Getting job-ready

We will also look at some case studies and success stories from people who found employment in Australia, and the strategies they used, as well as their tips to people such as yourselves, who are just getting started.

I have set this course out to showcase the main key points that you will need to consider when applying for jobs in Australia and how to be successful in your endeavour to secure employment. You will learn what some of the secrets to finding a job in Australia are, and also WHY they are necessary for landing a job in Australia. This will allow you to take a completely new approach to your Australian job search and your job applications, and put you solidly on the road to success.

Again, this course is just an introduction, and will only briefly look at some strategies that the other courses at go into in greater detail; however it will certainly point you in the right direction for your Australian job search.


“I believe you’re worth that job and life that you really want in Australia, and I can’t wait to assist you to achieve it!”

– Nadine Myers, Australia’ Emigration Job Search Strategist

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